You don’t just buy a new car to have it parked in the garage all day, do you? Our vehicles are driven around all day and as such, have to bear the brunt of fog, sun, dew, snow etc., making the surface largely vulnerable. The film is strong and has the ability to withstand these obstacles and prevent the paint from disseminating. 

It is not uncommon to deal with minor accidents on an intermittent basis that will cause scratches and dents to the vehicle. This scraping of paint can be easily averted with a layer of protection film.

These protection films have evolved over the years with more advanced features that allows the film to absorb the damage and return to its avant-garde state. It works like magic and is definitely a worthy investment. 

Besides, it doesn’t come with any maintenance costs. You don’t have to detach the film for washing or waxing. It acts as an excellent adhesive by firmly attaching itself to the paint. Initially, protective gears were ugly but its 2019 now and the film is transparent and invisible to the naked eye. This additionally heightens the value of your vehicle by keeping it in its pristine state.

Life is unpredictable and you don’t want to be caught off-guard when an accident occurs. Its best to take the necessary precautions. If you’re the owner of a luxury car and can’t stand the thought of something bad happening, then it is of incumbent urgency that you protect your vehicle from nasty accidents.

What goes into this paint protection film?

If you’re planning to paste something all over your car, then I think we would all want to know what it’s made up of, right? The main ingredient behind this genius product is urethane. It’s a potent and versatile polymer made from the condensation of ethanol and carbamic acid. It has some unparalleled features that is aptly compatible with machine parts. It is lightweight and transparent which makes it easy to apply on paint; sharing only positive attributes with plastic but unlike plastic, urethane is not weak and liable to cracks and scratches. 

The beauty of this ingredient is that it has high resistance power.

Companies like Proshield have a reputation of offering high quality material and servicing.