How Long Do Ford Transits Last? (8 Important Facts)

Ford Transit Maintenance

The Ford Transit van is one of the most popular types of van in the world and many vans will run for around 10-20 years when they have been well maintained. By maintaining your Ford Transit van you’ll not only see the benefits yourself but if you ever decide to sell in the future, you’ll likely get a better price for it as well.

Below we’ll cover some of the top tips for Ford Transit van maintenance to ensure your van is well looked after. Maintaining your Ford Transit will help to prevent issues from occurring, ensuring it remains on the road and running smoothly. Poor maintenance of Ford Transits can lead to costly repairs being required.

How To Maintain Your Transit Van

Maintaining your Ford Transit van can be easy when you know what you are doing and we think some of the top 4 Transit van maintenance tips are as follows:

  • Annual Servicing – Annual servicing is recommended for all types of vehicles not just Ford Transit vans. Servicing helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly and identify any issues before they become problems.
  • Cleaning – Whilst it might seem unimportant, regular cleaning will help to remove any build up of dirt and grime. Dirt and grime can easily cause parts to rust and degrade over time.
  • Repairs – If a problem is noticed or identified by yourself or during a service, then it’s important to have the repair carried out. Repairs which are ignored can lead to other issues and a small thing could soon become a big problem.
  • Parts – When replacing Ford Transit van parts you should ensure the use of parts that meet OEM specifications. Springs are a part that regularly need replacing and you can find out more information about transit springs here.

Importance of Ford Transit Van Maintenance

When it comes to Ford Transit vans it’s important to maintain it for both your safety and your vehicles. Maintenance can be carried out by both yourself and trained mechanics and it’s always advised to have annual van servicing carried out. Ford Transit maintenance and servicing should be carried out to ensure the van stays on the road and it maintains its value.