If you are interested to buy  high-end car from the Lexus lineup, then Lexus Financial Services is available to help you by offering their various financial options that may fit with your needs.

With Lexus lease deals you can get your car on a lease, however, you may also be interested to buy a car. Let us compare the benefits of both options.

Benefits of leasing

1.     Guaranteed future resale value

Mostly your car will retain a resale value when the lease ends.

2.     Lower initial investment

Your monthly payments and other fees will be much lower than buying a new Lexus.

3.     Latest car with your money

By leasing, you can drive a new vehicle of the latest model for less money/month than a loan installment.

4.     Payment options

It is almost like a finance contract where either you pay for 24 to 36 months or make a single payment. When the term ends your lease is over and thereafter either you renew it or buy it.

5.     Taxes

You pay tax only on your monthly payment and not the upfront payment for a car.

6.     Tax advantages

Whenever you lease any new Lexus you will get a tax advantage.

7.     Mileage

Based on your driving habit you can choose your mileage.

8.     Warranty

Most lease terms are between 24 – 48 months, however, the new Lexus offers 48 months or 50,000 miles as a basic warranty and with 72 months or 70,000 miles warranty.

9.     Maintenance

Most Lexus car maintenance is done at 5,000-mile intervals and the initial 2 services are complimentary.

10. No long-term contracts

As new vehicle prices are rising most buyers prefer extended term financing to fit into the budget. Leasing will allow you an affordable payment option in a much shorter term.

11. Options

When your lease term will end then you can always decide to buy your Lexus vehicle and also you can keep it for a while. Also, you have the choice to trade in your own Lexus.

You can also select your option of returning your Lexus and just walk away so long you have got normal wear and tear. It is not necessary to stick with the same car that does not fit your requirement any longer. You may then go for a new Lexus that may suit your own or your business requirement.

12. Insurance Payments

There will be no excess insurance premium with your Lexus leasing.

Benefits of purchasing

1.     Lexus ownership

After completion of the financing contract, you can own the car free and clear. You need not make any monthly payments for your car for the rest period as long you possess your car.

2.     Early termination

You are free to sell or trade-in your car at any time. There will be no early termination fees needed.

3.     End of term

After the loan term ends, you will have built-up equity for you to use for the next purchase of Lexus

4.     Mileage

There will be no mileage restrictions.

5.     Accessories and customization

It is up to you to upgrade, buy accessorize, or customize your Lexus car as you like.

Now you can decide which option you will prefer.