In today’s winter has come and gone. While spring brings growth and new hope for many people it more significantly marks the starting of the bike season. If you are a bike owner no doubt have been waiting for this moment to get outside and ride again. It is time for those vehicles out of storage and hit the open road. One of the biggest reasons why a bike is better than a car is because a two-wheeler is much greener. Moreover bikes don’t wear down the road so they are better from a tax paying standpoint. Here are some lists about reasons why bikes are better than cars in today’s world.


Owners are responsible for their vehicle’s maintenance and it involves money. You often have to shell out large sums of money to keep the wheels running. When it comes to long term expenses and upfront costs bikes are generally more cost effective than cars. Currently there are best bikes in 100cc to 125cc for sale that are more cost effective than cars. Fuel prices for bikes are a lot cheaper than cars as well and also better gas mileage.

Motorcycle is safe:

As long as one practices safe driving and has fast relaxes bike drivers are at a big benefit. Because they are open all around, bike drivers have the best field of view. Having a better view contributes to better avoidance of danger. Since they are smaller, bike drivers are able to evade better. Bikes provide you the freedom to avoid getting hit. They can also fit in tighter places and accelerate faster too. If you are planning to buy a scooty then choose from the list of the best 125cc scooterin today’s market.

Motorcycles are faster:

A lot of experiments and tests have been performed bike can cut the time in half for common everyday driving activities. A standard bike for daily use is lighter than an average everyday car. Due to its lighter it is a lot faster and later helps in faster acceleration too. Their smaller size bodes well for bike because they can escape heavy traffic easily. Bikes can fit through small spaces and getting in between larger vehicles navigating streets is definitely easy and simple.

Much easier to customize:

Both bikes and cars can be customized but the latter is easier to modify. Spare parts for bikes are around and they can come cheaper too. For those who enjoy customizing their ride this can be more beneficial and convenient. When customizing a bike almost anything can be changed and easier made as well. Bike riders can even extend their customization to their outfit and gear by matching style design or color schemes. A more personality can definitely be seen in motorcycles.

Bottom line:

Finally bikes are actually quite great and their performance, mobility is not only more comfortable but also more exciting. These are the above explained details about reasons why bikes are better than cars in today’s world.