When you plan to import a vehicle to Australia, you should know that if the vehicle doesn’t comply with National Standards or an identification plate has not been fitted on it, the vehicle cannot be imported unless it has obtained a Vehicle Import Approval.

Without a VIA, you may have to pay penalties upon importation of a vehicle.


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Depending upon the category of vehicle you’re going to import, you may avail certain facilities. For example, if your vehicle is older than 25 years, you can get certain facilities. Let’s know about them.


Before hiring a company for trusted importing cars to Australia, it’s essential to know about certain rules and regulations if your car is older than 25 years.

For example, you should know that to qualify for the option of vehicles older than 25 years, your vehicle should meet the following criteria under section 36 of the 2019 Road Vehicle Standards Rules.

  • Passenger vehicle
  • Off-road passenger vehicle
  • Forward-control passenger vehicle
  • Light good vehicle
  • Motorcycle
  • Motor tricycle
  • Motorcycle and side-car
  • Moped 2 wheels
  • Moped 3 wheels

Build Date

The vehicle should have a relevant build date which is minimum 25 years before the date of the application. A relevant build date should be later than:

  • The date at which the vehicle’s assembly was first completed or
  • If the vehicle has undergone significant modifications, the date at which the last of any significant modifications were completed

NOTE: If only the year of manufacture can be recognised, the month will be considered to be December of that year.


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How to Apply?

According to the recent announcement of the Department, an array of measures is being applied to help with the consequences of delaying the beginning of the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.

Until full commencement of the RVS legislation, you need to follow the application process under the Motor Vehicle Standards (MVS) legislation for automobiles manufactured before 1989.

You’ll have to provide the following documents along with your application:

  • A proof of purchase of the automobile in your name (this can be a receipt for full payment or deposit or a pro-forma invoice)
  • A recent photograph of the automobile including:
    • Clear colour photograph of front, back, side, engine bay and full interior
    • Photograph of the VIN or chassis number on the automobile
  • If the automobile is a light goods automobile, evidence of the GVM
  • Details that can help the Department to evaluate the vehicle
  • Proof of the year of manufacture, VIN Plate and manufacturer’s confirmation

If the vehicle has been modified, you’ll also have to provide:

  • Details of the modification/s including supporting proofs that have the date/s the work was started, component/s fitted and the person/s or business/s that performed the work
  • High-definition, clear, colour photographs of the automobile, in a well-lit space, that should display:
  • Full underside of the automobile on a hoist including front and back bumper, exhaust, engine, tall shaft, transmission, front and back suspension components, differential, and front and back brakes with the wheels off
  • Engine, engine number and engine bay
  • Chassis number and chassis modification/s

If you come to know about 25-year or older Japanese of American imported cars for sale at Import Direct Car Sales, remember to have all the above documents, so that you can make a smooth importation.