Every vehicle owner aims to keep their automobiles in good shape. Apart from proper care and maintenance, adding diesel engine performance upgrades, such as fuel additives, is ideal for enhancing horsepower and efficiency. 

Fuel additives are compounds developed to improve the quality and performance of vehicles. These additives have two primary types – fuel performance enhancers and fuel stabilizers. 

The former is designed to increase the performance of your vehicle’s engine while it is operating or in use. At the same time, the latter is intended to maintain fuel in good condition when it is stored without usage for an extended length of time.

All that said, here is everything you need to know about diesel fuel additives to help you determine whether to use them or not. 

Should you use diesel fuel additives?

First, it is essential to note that while various additives are available for gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles, they are more dominantly used in diesel because diesel vehicles have more qualities that need to be safeguarded than their gasoline counterparts. 

Various additives serve different beneficial effects on your automobile depending on its purpose. 

For instance, a fuel system stabilizer helps reduce algae development and other contaminants that could impede engine performance or block your vehicle from starting at all. This additive is especially crucial when engines become idle for a long time. 

Diesel anti-gel formulas are also common fuel additives. The anti-gel additive helps keep fuel flowing through engines by reducing the freezing point of diesel fuel to prevent it from freezing in cold temperatures. It also changes the shape and structure of wax crystals as they develop in cold oil, reducing line and filter clogging.

Because additives serve different purposes, there is no single solution to address all issues. You may have something that does many things well, but you can’t have it all together. Furthermore, it is not recommended to mix fuel additives as each is designed to perform best at their indicated treat rate. 

Additionally, make sure you don’t excessively use fuel additives as too much may ruin your automobile’s gauges and sensors. For optimal performance, follow the directions on the fuel additive and contact your local mechanic or professional for the best maintenance recommendations for fuel additives. 


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