In the United States, fatal truck accidents occur on all major highways for numerous reasons. Often, unsafe actions of one or multiple drivers lead to collisions. Other times, mechanical failures are responsible for a vehicle malfunctioning.

If you or someone you love has recently sustained injuries due to a collision involving a truck, reaching out to an experienced tractor trailer injury attorney may prove to be a helpful move in collecting the information necessary to move forward financially, physically and emotionally. Take a look at these top trucking industry injuries and causes.

Tractor Trailer Truck-Related Injury Types

Injuries involving the trucking injury occur for truckers as well as many other drivers and passengers of any vehicles mixed into an accident of a semi-truck. For the truckers themselves, the work can be long and tedious, and the idle motions that come with driving can take a toll on the body. As a result, this type of work can wear down the health of truck drivers, leading to strains, bruises, fractures, soreness and other types of traumatic injuries.

For people in other vehicles who have the unfortunate experience of colliding with a large truck, it often means death or permanent disability. Fatal truck accidents are not uncommon. The power of trucks is immense, and respecting that power is a shared responsibility among all licensed parties behind a wheel on the road. When one or more individuals lose sight of the road rules for one of many possible reasons, it knocks off the balance of responsibility, and the effects can be deadly.

Tractor Trailer Truck-Related Injury Causes

When it comes to injuries in the trucking industry, the causes and effects are cyclical. In cases where the fault lies with smaller cars surrounding a semi-truck, an accident is often due to an erroneous action of a driver not looking or falling under distraction in some other way.

On the other hand, in cases where the fault lies with the truck driver, work-related stressors and mental injuries are at the root of many accidents. Physical problems are also responsible for numerous cases. If a trucker is facing exhaustion or physical pain, these sorts of conditions can definitely have an effect on their driving skills.

With so many different types of trucking injuries and causes, having an experienced tractor trailer injury lawyer on your team can make life easier to navigate as you move forward with seeking the compensation that you deserve.