The space available, powertrain, safety features, infotainment, and more have made the 2022 Ram ProMaster an ideal commercial vehicle. This van is an amazing automobile that can be used to haul cargo or passengers according to a person’s need. If you are in Morganton RAM dealership, you can check out this vehicle and book it for quick and hassle-free delivery.

Certain details to ponder on that makes this van an excellent commercial automobile is given below.

Engine of ProMaster

The engine that powers this vehicle is a V6 3.6-liter, which delivers 280-hp and torque of 260 lb-ft. This engine is mated with an automatic nine-speed instead of the old 6-speed for better gear changing aspects and user-friendly aspects of drivers. Moreover, this aids this van to reach 0 to 60 mpg in just 8.1 seconds, which is a remarkable performance for a van.

Also, this automobile can tow a maximum of 6911 pounds, which is at par with most of its competitors. In addition, it has a payload capacity of 4680 pounds which is much higher than most vans of this segment.

Overall handling can be described as quite refined, which in turn, is responsible for better ride quality than vans generally provide. Also, it will offer a mileage of 12-14 mpg depending on numerous factors; making it also at par with its rivals.

Interior space

To make it an ideal commercial vehicle, the ProMaster comes with a cabin that is ideal for accommodating an abundance of cargo or several people at a go. Also, the wide view of drivers is something everyone appreciates.

People can either clear out all the seats from the cabin (except front seats) for hauling maximum cargo or keep seats to accommodate people depending on the nature of the business. Also, there are numerous storage aspects like the tray under the glovebox and other small storage cubbies.

Such a spacious cabin and powerful engine are what makes this is an ideal commercial vehicle. However, apart from these, the modern tech involved also makes it fetching to people.

Such modern technology includes a 7-inch display along with a wireless phone charger. Nonetheless, there is also a 10-inch optional display available. Other features include Wi-Fi hotspot (subscription-based), Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, voice assistance (Amazon Alexa), and more.

Such features along with the much-needed space and powerful engine are what makes the 2022 Ram ProMaster an ideal all-purpose commercial vehicle.

Price tag

To get a detailed price list for this van and all of its variants you need to go to a RAM dealership in Morganton. However, the base model starts from $36,099 and the most expensive ones like 3500 Window Van model costs $44,685.

There are 7 versions of this van and thus, you need to visit a dealer and choose a trim according to your need after a test drive. People looking to get a commercial van should check out the 2022 Ram ProMaster as it is one of the best in this segment. Take a test ride and see it for yourself!