You never know when you might hire an unlicensed taxi service in Gatwick for your journey to the airport or from the airport and you definitely don’t want to do that since hiring an unlicensed taxi service driver leaves you in trouble if you have a complain and the authorities don’t have the driver registered. Know more here about prestige taxi.

There are many signs that indicate that you might have hired an unlicensed driver and you can look out for them to save yourself from any trouble you can avoid. Following are the signs which made indicate this red flag.

  • Unprofessionalism:

An unlicensed taxi driver will always have a hint of unprofessionalism in his personality. As most professional and licensed taxi drivers will always help you with your luggage and will be quick and efficient in their work as compared to an unprofessional and an unlicensed taxi driver. Who might just drive you to your location without helping you with the luggage and.

This unprofessional behavior raises a red flag that the driver you might have hired for yourself in an unlicensed taxi service in Gatwick. Another indicator of their unprofessional behavior can be that they would start talking to you and sometimes even try to get personal information out of you in between random chats. Avoid these interactions at all costs! Know more here.

  • Unsafe driving:

If you notice your taxi driver driving recklessly despite of bring no emergency might also means that he is an unlicensed taxi driver. Being unlicensed means that he didn’t pass the exam or doesn’t abide the traffic rules. If at any point during your journey you notice that he is not abiding rules or over speeding then he is an unlicensed taxi driver. Also complain about the driver to any service company he is affiliated with, because even hiring unlicensed taxi drivers for work is illegal.

  • Suspicious:

Another reason he is an unlicensed taxi driver can be the fact that he is an illegal immigrant, and he is not allowed to work. In this case the driver might looks suspicious and might not even talk at all about his experience in the city or might even hesitate to share his name with you.  Yes, sometimes the driver is not in a mood for a conversation but this type of unlicensed drivers has an aura of suspicion around them. In any case of doubt ask for their license and if they fail to provide it then you can always complain about them to the Gatwick taxi service they work with.

  • Randomly offering a taxi:

One of the other sign that indicate if you have hired an unlicensed taxi driver is that he might randomly offer you the taxi. Always remember that you choose the taxi do not let the taxi choose you. If someone offers you a taxi it automatically indicates that he is an unlicensed taxi driver. It is always better to wait a few minutes to hail a taxi rather than letting an unlicensed taxi driver, drive you to your location. Genuine taxi are always located near a taxi stand. It is not some random guy yelling taxi out of his cab. Even though it may look like any other normal taxi but it is not.

  • Unfamiliar with the Route:

If your taxi driver doesn’t know that ways around the city this might means that he is unlicensed. He might confuse the airport entrances and exits, or even take long routes instead of short ones. This means that he hasn’t been driving in this city for some time consequently leading to the fact that he might be an unlicensed taxi driver.

Another sign is that he might take routes which don’t have traffic police check post on them in order to escape getting caught, or might change the route unexpectedly when seeing a traffic check post up front. Also make sure that his meter if on and is not a scam.

Always keep in mind that if any of the above mention things happen, the first thing to do us to ask the driver for his license. If he fails to provide one then instead of arguing with him wait for the ride to end and then contact the authorities. Complain about the Gatwick taxi service to higher authorities and there is a chance you might even get a refund.