Today, in Indian cities, it has become to look at some of your girls who ride the men bikes stylishly with black hair, helmet, and black jackets for more than even 25 km. Also, when you are waiting for the bus on the public roads, you might have seen girls riding fast in the bikes. There are also some bike races and competitions held for exhibiting the young talents of the girls. On the whole, when you are speaking about the bikes in India, it is not only for the men, but it includes women as well.

The biking culture

The biking culture is growing high irrespective of the gender of the person to ride it. Recently, the founder of one of the famous bike company has said that their bikes are gaining interest among the women highly when compared to the men. With this factor, they also started to manufacture the bike with the women-specific accessories to make it still more comfortable for happy rides.

The women racer

Women would like to become a professional biker too. When they can ride on public roads, when shouldn’t they excel as the bikers? Yes! The heavyweight wheels are also been attracted by women as well. As per today, a Chennai based young brave girl, Alisha Abdullah is the only women superbike racer. The weight, appearance or other factors of the bike becomes just features and numbers when the girl starts loving it.

Bike for different purposes

Women have started using bikes for different purposes like a local ride, visit the nearest supermarkets, a get together with friends, a holiday trip, etc. It does not mean that they do not experience any unwelcoming situations from the commuters. They do experience it but the passion for the bikes is not down for any reason. They also get to know more about the 250 cc motorcycles and try to learn and research more on them.

What attracts the bikes?

When compared to the men, women make a purchase of the vehicles, based on the values. They look for different aspects like the technology, performance, features, design and other attractive features for the best and safe rides before they could make final decisions. They gain more knowledge on making sufficient research on the upcoming bikes in India.

A stat says that the range of bikes that the women would like to buy is from Rs. 43,000 to Rs. 1.25 Lakh in recent years. It is found that more than 26% of the women are passionate about riding bikes from the age of 19 to 38. This stat is further expected to grow more in the upcoming days.

Final thoughts

Bikes are the means of travel to make travel easy. Gone are the days where the bikes are manufactured with the aim of the men. Today, the trend is changed towards the women as they show more interest in the bikes. Look for the best bikes and top scooters in India and choose the best one.