There has been an increase in business of shipping companies to transport all types of vehicles ranging from trucks to lorries, motorcycle, etc. Online car auctions and car sales has led to increase in shipping of vehicles across different parts of the world. With increasing demand, there is a wide range of car shipping companies to choose from. This article will help you to choose a car shipping company to ensure that you vehicle is safely transported. 

Few Tips to Bear in Mind

  • Enclosed or Not Enclosed

You need to decide whether you want your car to be enclosed in a container or not during shipping. Enclosed containers usually cost more, but they help to protect your car from rain, wind or debris during transportation. If your car is new or expensive, you should choose enclosed method of transportation, for instance, if you recently purchased expensive sports automobile or a vintage car. 

  • Shipping Routes

You need to check if your car transport company provides terminal to terminal or door to door services. Some shipping companies only transport to major towns or cities after which you have to collect your car from there. The other shipping companies will charge extra cost to ship it to your house. It is important that you check this with your car shipping company beforehand. 

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  • Car Inspection

Before shipping your car, you should check the insides and outsides of your car to note any existing scratches or damages. You can take close-up shots from different angles to note them. This will help in avoiding any misunderstandings in future while claiming insurance. Most car shipping companies prepare a checklist to document these damages before and after the car is shipped. You should take your time to inspect any damage caused to your car after it has reached the destination. 

  • Car Shipping Insurance

You should check with your shipping companies to inquire about the insurance coverage on your car and damages covered under the claim. Most shipping companies will add this insurance cost in total shipping costs while others will ask for an additional charge. You should ask for all the details and cost involved before signing any agreement. 

  • Written Agreement

You should not trust the verbal promises of your shipping company. Make sure that all the important information and offers are in writing. You should also check if there is any penalty clause on company if they fail to deliver your car within that specified time period. This penalty can apply to the purchaser too. That is, if you will have to pay the penalty charges if you cancel the contact after a specified time limit. 


With these tips, you can transport your vehicle safely anywhere in the world.