Nobody likes to be fooled, and yet many car insurance buyers and car insurance renewal candidates find themselves tricked by unscrupulous elements into buying fake policies. Such unprincipled elements abound in the marketplace and their corrupt practices are running rampant in the insurance sector, so it is only logical that you arm yourself with knowledge that will help you identify and avoid them.It’s also important to know about bumper to bumper car insurance if you wish to avoid your claims being slashed by the silent killer called depreciation. A bumper to bumper car insurance policy offers 100 percent coverage for the car, including allits fiber, rubber, and metal components without deduction of depreciation when a claim is raised. So, let’s list out the aspects of insurance it is important for you to know to avoid being taken for a ride by crooked and unauthorized agents.

  • Do not buy your policy from an agent:Unless you personally know an agent as being genuine, do not get your car insurance renewal done by an agent, as there are innumerable instances where the agents have taken money from gullible clients and disappeared with it.
  • Do not make cash payments: In this age when digital payments have become the norm, it is better that you make your payments digitally and not through cash.
  • Select your insurance provider after due diligence:Instead of jumping at the first recommendation of an insurance provider made to you, ensure that you do your research thoroughly before making your selection.
  • Opt for the agent through whom you bought your policy: At the rime of car insurance renewal, select the agent from whom you first bought your policy, because if your policy has turned out to be good, it means that you had bought it from a reliable agent.
  • Examine the fine print carefully:Before you append your signature on the policy, exercise due diligence by reading the terms and conditions carefully to ensure there are no hidden aspects. This is all the more important when you are taking out a bumper to bumper car insurance, as there may be many things that you don’t know whether they are covered or not in the policy.
  • Insist on getting a receipt for all payments made:Whether you are getting your insurance policy renewed by an agent or directly by the company, you should insist on being given a receipt for every payment you make.
  • Verify the authenticity of your policy: You can verify the authenticity of your policy or its renewal document by cross checking with the company directly or by clicking on the link that is given on the policy document.
  • Ensure the renewal document covers all aspects you want: When you are renewing your car insurance policy, you may have made certain additions or subtractions of add-ons. Ensure that these are properly incorporated in the policy renewal document.