If you want a better car to own and drive, you’ll need to improve its engine speed. Doing so will make your vehicle stronger and more powerful. There are tips and tricks to try and boost engine power.

The first move you should take is using a cold air intake or CAI. This is the fastest and cheapest way of improving torque and horsepower. The more torque an engine makes, the greater the ability of it to do good work. On the contrary, how easily work is done is horsepower.

CAI lets the pulled air in the engine get cold and dense so that when it’s combined with the fuel, it produces more energy. As more air is heated, there will be more air flowing into the cylinder and more air contributing to combustion.

The second step is to check the vehicle’s weight. If the vehicle is lighter, of course, the car would probably be going faster. To do this, you need to get rid of the heavy parts with lighter components all over your car. You must get rid of any unwanted parts, such as extra seats, unused stuff in the trunk, turn glass windows into acrylic and lastly, change traditional brakes with disc brakes. 

Third move is to put a chipset in your vehicle for results. This is also used to boost engine power. It is an automated device which can monitor all of your car’s activities.

If you’ve achieved these things, the vehicle will certainly become more aerodynamic and will be of great benefit to the engine to get more fuel. Another better idea to try is to add a turbocharger to your car.

To know what this is and its similarities and differences to supercharger, check out this infographic. And for more details on baby swamp injectors, check Pure Power Diesel.