It is time for your car to get its motor oil changed, and you are ready for the servicing. However, when you take your car for an oil changing session to the service center, they suggest you a few more things, for which you might not have prepared yourself. If this sounds similar, then you are at the right page. An oil changing session of a vehicle does involve a bit of more than mere oil changing, and only then the effect of this maintenance component can have its optimum effect, shared the head of the mechanical team of the Tomball oil change service center. So, what else is done to the car, at the event of an oil change? He answered us the following.

A Thorough Check up of the Engine Compartment

Even if you have taken your car for an oil change, just to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, referred in the owner’s manual, the session will always start with a thorough check up of the engine compartment just to ensure, everything else is fine.

It is done because many a times, it could be a leakage that made you bring your car for an oil change. Sometimes, it could be a loose gas cap which is spilling out the oil to the other components of the engine. Or it could be just the condition of both the engine and transmission that needs to be checked up at last once for an assurance of safe and sound driving conditions. During the oil changing session, the mechanics would invariably ask you to replace a few more items as well, and if you agree, they’ll be listed in the bill. Rest assured, there is not going to be anything done unnecessarily on your car. to make the oil change successfully effective, all these steps are equally necessary.

Changing the Filters

The items that usually get included during every oil changing session. It is the same period of time when your car needs an oil change, it needs to have a couple of fresh filters as well. Be it the engine oil filter, air filter, or cabin air conditioning filter. All these filters play their individual role in keeping their respective departments clean of dust and debris, that otherwise tend to block the systems.

If these filters are not changed during the oil change, the effect will be quite disadvantageous. Because of the overused, dirty filters, all these compartments will not get the fresh flow of oil and air because of which all the mechanisms will start behaving oddly, and slowly stop functioning the usual way.

Tire Inflation and Rotation

The staff members associated with the oil change service in Tomball explained that it is an age old practice in the automotive industry to perform pressure checking, inflating and rotating the tires, whenever one brings the car to a service station for an oil change.

These are necessary because, not every time the owner will manage to take a day off to get these maintenance servicing done for the car. so when one thing is done, the other services are also added up to the queue of regular services, to ensure, the car gets a complete refreshment in all its compartments.