Whether it is your first child to leave the nest or your last, the process of sending your young one off into the great big world can be stressful. Like most things, if you feel prepared it can ease a bit of the anxiety. Here are a couple important things you can do to ensure you and your child feel prepared for the big changes ahead.

Housing and Transportation

It may seem self-explanatory but you’ll want to research where your child is going to live and how they get from one place to the next. Many on-campus housing options have rules and guidelines students have to abide by in order to live on campus. Make sure you and your student are well aware of what is expected of them. If they live off-campus, get to know their landlord and exchange information in case of an emergency. If your child is taking a car with them to college or they plan to buy a used vehicle once they arrive to their destination, it makes sense to have a car repair mountlake terrace wa shop inspect the vehicle and make sure everything is working well. If there are necessary repairs needed you’ll probably want to get those handled right away. You’ll likely rest better at night if you know the vehicle they are driving is safe. If your student is going to rely on a bike or public transportation, research bus or subway passes and bike locks to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.

Get Paperwork in Order

You’ll want to think ahead about health insurance coverage and medical and school records. Will your student need their own insurance card? Are they going to sign the paperwork so you have continued access to their medical and school records? Now that they are considered an adult, things like HIPAA and other privacy regulations come into play and you won’t be able to access their medical or school records without express written consent. Have this discussion with your child and give them the space to do what feels best to them.

This is an exciting time for your new college student. With a little pre-planning, you can send them off to school feeling confident about their future.