Driving a convertible gives a unique feeling of confidence, independence, and happiness. These cars have always been and remain a special class. They are attractive and hard to go unnoticed. A convertible in the new market is incredibly expensive, especially from premium brands. Buying a used convertible is a good chance to save money while getting the same driving experience and status.

However, choosing a car of this type requires special attention to details, particularly when it comes to buying a used one. After all, in addition to the general possible shortcomings of a pre-owned vehicle, these cars may cause additional problems.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Used Convertible 

The life of a convertible can be significantly reduced compared to a car with a closed cab.

The older the car, the more likely it has critical issues. Whatever the salesperson tells you, the rain, moisture, dust, and even snow could leave their mark. All these factors may lead to corrosion, failures in the electronics system, not to mention damage to the interior, especially the skin. The latter requires more care, as well as more thorough and regular cosmetic procedures.

Here are five general points to consider when choosing a used convertible:

  1. The constant presence of moisture inside the car is the most common problem. A specific odor is an indicator of its presence. For this reason, many unfair retailers use strong air fresheners to ward off suspicion.
  2. Prolonged exposure to the sun is another factor damaging the interior. Such a convertible will have marks on the dashboard, top of the steering wheel, headrests, and some plastic elements. These marks resemble signs of wilting.
  3. The roof extension mechanism also requires a careful check, whether it is a convertible with a soft or hardtop, electric or manual mechanism. In all cases, the extension of the roof should be easy, without noise and wrack, which are signs of a malfunction.
  4. Sealing and rubber parts must be flawless. Any minor defects are a guarantee that noise, dust, and moisture will penetrate the cabin.
  5. For used convertibles with a canvas roof, it is indispensable to check the general condition of the fabrics, both outside and inside. It should be soft enough not to interfere with the folding mechanism, but at the same time provide good insulation.

What Model to Choose?

The range of convertibles is very diversified. Premium brand models with a classic fabric roof, sports two-seater roadsters, spacious family car, hardtop coupe-cabriolets based on hatchbacks – there are models for every taste.

But when choosing the model of a used convertible, safety is one of the main factors to consider. Additional rollovers, side airbags, parking sensors, vision cameras, and any other factory measures to stiffen the convertible may play a decisive role in case of an accident.

Convertibles with diesel engines are much more economical than their gasoline counterparts. The metal top, although it adds weight to the car, can guarantee almost perfect sound insulation.

The last but not the least factor is the price. No self-respecting owner would offer a good car for peanuts. The exception is urgent sales, but the owners declare them directly, and such ads do not hang on the sites for long. To secure the purchase, it is best to go to a trusted used car dealer with a good reputation, like Indy Auto Man, Indianapolis, and buy a used convertible with no headache.