To save money or draw out the amount of time before your next frustrating car search, you should max out your car’s performance. A cold air intake can help. The part helps cool your vehicle’s engine, boosting fuel injection.

If you’ve never heard of a cold air intake, worry not! This article will teach you the major benefits of the easy-to-use Volant Cold Air Intake Kit.

  1. Engines Last Longer With Cold Air Intakes

Your car’s air ducts and air filter are essential to cooling your car’s engine and keeping it clean. Air comes in through the inlet ducts—which, for the record, aren’t called “inlet ducks,” a common misspelling. The air filter keeps particulates from gunking your engine up and causing hazards.

Cleaning your car’s air filter and air ducts helps your engine last longer. Using a cold air intake helps, too, putting your engine at a lower risk of overheating.

  1. A Cold Air Intake Gives You More Power

Apart from cooling the engine for a longer life, cold air intakes improve fuel injection. Cooling brings the air molecules closer together, raising the amount of oxygen in the air volume pushed through the air ducts and into the engine. Oxygen is key to fuel combustion and higher power output. 

If blasting down the road is part of your ideal car experience, adding a cold air intake to your car is a must. The increased power gives you a big speed boost and makes for quicker acceleration. No matter what you do with your newfound power, don’t forget the speed limit!

  1. You Could Save Fuel and Money With a Cold Air Intake

When fuel burns cleaner, you get more power from each gallon. If you drive the same way you drive before installing the cold air intake, you’ll save fuel and the money you spend on it.

However, you might use the same amount of fuel or more if you give in to temptation. Your car’s newfound power could to your head—or your foot—and have you always putting the pedal to the metal. If you drive faster than you’re used to, you’ll blow through a tank of gas faster, too.

  1. A Kit Saves Money for the Car-Savvy

If you’re handy under the hood, the Volant Intake Kit has an added benefit for you: Saving money on repairs.

Buying the parts needed to install a cold air intake one by one can be pricey. It also takes a lot of research and time to get everything right, and one error can make the task a real pain or even ruin your car. Because of that, you might relent and hire a professional.

Buying a kit gives you all you need in one convenient package. You’ll save money by buying the kit instead of trying to pinpoint the lowest price on each part. It also makes installation easier so you won’t have to pay for professional labor.

Ace All of Your Automotive Tasks 

Now that you know these key benefits of the Volant Cold Air Intake Kit, you can improve your car’s performance by adding a simple part.

After improving your car with a cold air intake, look at this site to find other ways to improve your automotive experience. Once you know more about your car, maintaining and upgrading it becomes so much easier. Click on another article and pick up more handy car tips today.