When it comes to deciding whether to purchase a brand new or used car, it can sometimes be a hard decision to make as many considerations can be taken into account. Like most things that require an investment, choosing a car should be a timely and thoughtful process that should be aligned to a person’s budget, lifestyle and personal car preference. In this article, we will outline the main benefits of buying a used car for those that are considering this option as opposed to opting for a brand new vehicle.

Used cars can be purchased from a reputable dealership

When purchasing a used car, buyers will want to feel a sense of trustworthiness and peace of mind that the car is in full working order with no hidden faults. When a buyer opts to purchase a used car from a reputable dealership, then they are ensured to receive peace of mind and more protection.

Assurances such as warranty, servicing history and valid MOT certificates are what makes choosing to purchase a used car through a reputable dealership such an attractive option. Car dealerships will carry out all the relevant checks and won’t try to deceive buyers as they want to cover themselves and uphold their reputation. One reputable dealership that has a fantastic range of used cars in Weston is the SEAT franchise dealership, Holders Of Congresbury.

Depreciation isn’t a factor

When it comes to opting to purchase a brand new car, buyers should be aware that in the UK, the average new car will lose around 60% of its value after three years. One of the benefits of buying a used car is that depreciation isn’t so much of a big factor as opposed to a new car, as the depreciation rate will fall at a much more subtle rate after the three year period.

For car buyers who will want to get better value for their money, buying an older used car after the 5-year mark will be a great choice as a car of this age will have not yet lost its value. If the mileage is low and under 10,000 miles per year, then it will be better value for money, but if it’s higher and over 10,000 then this will affect its overall value. In today’s used car market, motorists will find it very possible to purchase a used car, drive it for a year, and can then expect to sell it for around the same price as they paid for it.

Buyers are able to level up on the car model

There is an abundance of variety in the used car market which is a major perk in itself, however, with so much variety and more pricing levels available, a buyer could be able to purchase an upgraded model that they might not have been able to afford brand new. Being able to level up with an older model is what makes opting to purchase a used car such an attractive option. For those that choose to buy a used car that is an upgraded older model, there will usually be a handful of more high-performance features with better gadgets.

Basically, the bottom line is that a buyer will be able to purchase a better model of a car at the same price or cheaper than the standard brand new model.

The money that a buyer will save can be spent elsewhere

One benefit that some buyers tend to overlook when deciding whether or not to buy a used or brand new car is that the money that will be saved by choosing a cheaper second-hand car can be spent elsewhere. Buyers could put the money that they will have saved into their savings, reinvest it into their car, go on holiday or anything else that a buyer will want to spend their hard-earned money on.