Chances are you might have heard why owning a car is much better than a bike because of multiple reasons. The idea of owning a car generally appeal to a wider audience because of comfort and other features the modern cars have to offer.

But what about the negative impacts of owning a car? Most people give bikes a bad reputation as they associate a high risk of accidents and lack of health and safety with riding a bike. And we have nothing against owning cars but in reality, there are many benefits of owning a bike just like owning a car. If not, there are more benefits to owning a bike than a car.

Due to the bad reputation that careless and law breaking drivers give to bike riding most of the time mental, physical, the personal and economic benefits of owning a bike are often overlooked. And as far as the safety is concern, you can minimize the risk by using the proper motorcycle safety gears while riding.

There is a long list of reasons why owning a bike can be the best choice for you, but this the article will focus on the top 6 reasons why owning a bike is much better than a car.

Health benefits

Yes! Owning a bike can be healthier than you may have imagined. There are both physical and mental health benefits associated with riding a bike. Riding a bike requires the use of legs, arms, back, neck, and active concentration of eyes and mind. This heightened physical and mental use helps in improving cognitive functions, reducing stress levels, and can make you physically stronger.

Going on long adventurous trips on your bike can also reduce anxiety whereas sitting in a car for too long can make many people car sick.  For adding an extra space to your bike to carry your personal belongings and other accommodations for your both long and short road trips check out these high-quality motorcycles saddlebags.

Easy on your bank account

Owning a bike can be a lot cheap than owning a car. Cars are expensive to start with, then they require washing every now and then, they also need maintenance that can also be costly, and then there is the insurance that can be a nightmare. Luckily owning a bike can be cheap and won’t require to break your bank. You can easily buy a good quality bike under $5000-$10,000 or even less. The fun part is, you can easily do essential tuning of your bike yourself and can easily wash it yourself in your backyard.

High fuel savings

Cars can be very fuel hungry especially the older models as they have large fuel tanks. Large fuel tanks mean more money from your pocket as you need to spend more on fuelling and then there are the mileage problems. Fortunately for the bike owners do not have to deal with this issue. Bikes usually have smaller fuel tanks and give more mileage than a car. An average good quality motorbike can give you 35-40 miles per gallon.

Environment Friendly

Apart from slipping away through congested places in heavy traffic areas bikes are also very environment friendly. You can easily go to such places where a gas-guzzling car or heavy vehicle cannot go through. In today’s world environmental safety is considered a very important aspect while purchasing a vehicle. Bikes usually emit fewer emissions and need less fuel that is one major advantage from an environmental point of view.

Easy customizations

Modifying a car for peak performance can be very expensive and take a long time and further maintenance while customizing bike can be both fun and low effective. The parts of bikes are much cheaper than cars and can allow you to do major modifications according to your preferences and style.  Talking about style, bike enthusiast usually travel in style and for properly customizing your motorbike and appealing aesthetic check out these perfect Yamaha Saddlebags.

Easy to fix

All vehicles no matter the size or model requires proper tuning and maintenance for running smoothly and without problems. Even minor repairs of cars can cost a lot of money while on the other hand, bikes are usually simple and easy to fix and do not cost much. By learning quick fixes with the time you can also take care of your motorcycle fixes by yourself.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons why owning a bike can be better than a car. However it is not always rainbows and roses, bike riding can be very dangerous and can even be life-threatening if proper safety gear is not equipped. You should always respect the laws of traffic and ride carefully for the safety of yourself and others.