Imagine getting into a toasty warm vehicle when the temperature outside is below zero or a nicely cooled vehicle when the temperature is 100 degrees. Now, imagine not having to run out in the cold or hot weather to start your car and let it heat up or cool down. Remote start allows you to start your vehicle without leaving your home.


With a remote start, you start your vehicle by pressing a button on your key fob. This means that you do not have to leave your keys in your car as you warm it up. However, your key must be inserted into the  ignition to drive the vehicle. In fact, your vehicle will shut off if the break is pressed without your key in the ignition. In addition, your vehicle will shut off after a specified period of time, such as 10 minutes. This prevents your vehicle from being stolen and from wasting fuel because it was idling for too long.

Professional Installation

Consider having your remote installed by a professional. If you search for “remote start installation Maryland,” be sure to read the reviews on each installer carefully. You may also ask friends or family members about their installation experiences. Most remote start manufacturers’ warranties require that their products be installed by professionals. Your vehicle’s warranty may also be voided if you do not use a professional. Finally, skilled, reputable installers will guarantee their services and can troubleshoot any problems that arise during installation.


Your start system may have a number of options. For example, you may want a remote that not only turns on your vehicle, but it also lets you know the vehicle is turned on. In addition, your vehicle alarm and keyless entry may be controlled using the same remote. Your remote may also monitor your RPMs and kill the engine, which improves safety. Temperature features, such as heated seats and defrosters, may also be controlled using your remote start system. Finally, you may interface your system with your smartphone. Not all these options are necessary, so choose those that will be valuable to you.

Signal Strength

Choose a remote that has a strong signal strength because this is directly related to the range it will reach. Buildings and walls may affect the signal range. Busy streets and crowded parking lots may also interfere with your signal. A more powerful signal will allow you to start your vehicle from restaurants, hotels and offices.

Remote start offers many benefits, but consider having it installed professionally and review all your options prior to your purchase.