Nothing should stop you from going on a vacation with your family. After all, it doesn’t happen daily. Planning for a trip takes a long time because you have to wait for your children’s break from school and file for leaves. That’s why to take this precious time and use it as a family bonding. If you’re worried about transportation, let this article introduce you to a car rental company in Singapore.


What is Car Rental? Things You Should Know Before Renting

If you have no plans to buy a car and travel around, you might want to consider learning more about car rental opportunities. Car rental is beneficial for those who don’t want to shoulder the responsibility of owning a vehicle due to maintenance, parking lot fees, etc. Plus, car rentals can also be advantageous for travelling and family trips. So, before renting one from a car rental company, here are the things you should know for better knowledge..

  • You Need Some Paperworks- When renting a car, it doesn’t mean you can go inside a renting company and sign papers right away. No, it would be best if you still prepared some paperwork like a driver’s licence, identification certificate, and financial documents. The car rental company can know if you’re qualified to rent a car.
  • You May Need to Hire a Driver – Renting a car is a good choice. However, have you decided who will drive the vehicle? If no one in the family can go, better hire a driver for your long term car rental in Singapore for your convenience and safety.
  • Know Your Purpose with the Car Rental – There are many reasons why people rent a car. You can use it for vacations, errands, business trips, and even transportation going to the airport. Once you know your purpose, you can ask the car rental company about the appropriate vehicle for your plan.
  • Ask the Right Fuel for Your Car – You also need to refuel your car along the way, especially if you’re travelling to distant places. You can ask the car rental company about the appropriate fuel for the vehicle to preserve its function.
  • Damage Waiver– Not anticipating it to happen but making sure you have a damage waiver can also be helpful. There might be minor accidents that can cause slight damage to the car. If this is covered in the disclaimer, you won’t have to worry about paying an additional fine.
  • You Need to Save Money –Although car rental sounds more convenient, you still need to save money to get one from a car rental company. It’s a bit more complicated, so better continue reading for more tips about saving money.



 How to Save Money for Car Rental

Buying a car is indeed not an easy task to fulfil. You may need years of saving before having enough financial; resources to buy one. It’s a different story in car rentals because it may be cheaper and less hassle. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to save money for your long term car rental in Singapore. Of course, you still need to, so better continue reading the article to learn some money-saving tips.

1) Canvass for Different Prices

As you plan for your vacation, it’s better to plan ahead of time, like two to three months before signing any papers from a car rental company in Singapore. You need to canvass for different prices and find the cheapest yet most reliable option. As such, you can save your money by renting a car, which will not be helpful in the long run. Plus, if you plan in a rush, you’ll surely overlook some essential details that may affect your financial resources.

2) Ask for Available Refund Options

If this is your first time renting an electric car rental in Singapore, you may make some mistakes. And if you need to rethink your choices, the rental company should offer some refund options within the given time frame. Otherwise, you would waste your money on nothing because you can’t ask for a return policy.

3) Decline Unnecessary Offers

When renting a car, expect that some sales manager would try to convince you to pay for unnecessary service fees like maintenance, additional features, etc. All of these can only add up to your financial responsibility. If they’re too pushy, stand firm and decline them politely. You won’t feel forced to sign-up for any contract from them.

4) Rent Ahead of Holidays

Keep in mind that holidays can spike up the price of electrical car rental in Singapore. To avoid these price hikes, you can rent yours ahead of time. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-planned holiday vacation so you can also prepare your budget. It will also be applicable if you’re planning to get a long term car rental because you’ll use it for an extended period.

5) Bring GPS, Music Player, and Other Necessities

Instead of paying extra service fees, why not bring your necessities like the GPS and music player. This way, you can save your money from getting these additional services, which you can provide for yourself. Nonetheless, make a list of what you should pay for versus those you already have at home.

6) Pay for Fuel

You also need to pay for your fuel, even from a car rental company. For this reason, you can allot a budget for the gasoline as you travel to far distant places. Ask the rental company if they can cover the fuel or electric charge if it’s an electrical car rental.

7) Save Your Money

In Singapore, car leasing or rental will require you to save money or cash to have a backup plan. Once you have financial resources for your rental car, you still need money for food, allowances, etc. So, it would be best if you learned how to save money smartly. It’s also beneficial because learning how to save money will help you in different aspects of your life.

If you need a vehicle for your travels, you can contact MyCarriage, a car rental company in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about electrical and long term car rental services.