Vehicles have become a necessity for numerous Lion City residents. These automobiles have allowed them to places where they need to be—even if it is on the other end of the island. Thanks to cars of all shapes, sizes, colours, and features, Singaporeans can go to work, run errands, drop and pick up family members, meet up with friends, and comfortably travel around the country. They can take the public transport to various places, but having a vehicle, whether by purchasing it or signing up for a monthly car leasing plan, beats the hassle of riding public transit.

More and more Singapore residents are learning about the beauty of short and long term car rental programmes. These leasing plans became extremely popular with business owners, but numerous individuals have chosen to rent automobiles rather than purchase them for a hefty sum.


If this is your first time hearing about Singapore car leasing programmes, you may not be familiar with its details or process. Vehicle rental plans allow individuals and organisations to lease their chosen automobiles for a specific period. Payment methods differ from one rental company to another, but you will most likely need to settle monthly fees until the end of your lease. The lessor will calculate the costs based on the changes in the car’s value throughout the programme. You may also need to settle additional fees and interest monthly.

But is getting a long term car rental in Singapore a good idea? What benefits will you enjoy from leasing a vehicle? Are there disadvantages to signing up for such rental programmes? Keep reading to find out.


   I.        Monthly Car Leasing: Pros And Cons

Numerous individuals have reaped numerous perks of getting a short and long term car rental in Singapore. Some residents even regularly renew their leases instead of purchasing their vehicles. But like most services, automobile rentals are not perfect. You may experience some drawbacks from leasing an automobile instead of buying one. Scroll through to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of renting a car in Singapore.


A. You Are Choosing The Cheaper Option.

Depending on the duration of your plan, you can save costs by renting a vehicle. If you only need an automobile for a specific number of days or weeks, you could get a weekend or monthly car leasing plan instead of purchasing one.

B. You Can Get A New Car After A Few Months Or Years.

Getting a non-luxury and luxury car rental in Singapore is arguably the best way to experience new vehicle technology every few months or years. You can even replace your automobile at the end of your lease if you get tired of its looks and features.

C. You Do Not Need To Worry About Maintenance.

The absence of maintenance costs is arguably the biggest perk of getting a car leasing plan. You do not need to settle the repair expenses of your rented vehicle since your chosen programme has already covered it. All you need to do is enjoy the car and use it to go to different corners of the island.

D. You Do Not Need To Think About The Resale Value.

A daily, monthly, or yearly car leasing plan will free your mind from worries about the vehicle’s value. The price of the automobile after your lease will be the least of your problem since you only rented it.



A. You Have A Mileage Limit.

Whether you get a luxury or non-luxury car rental plan in Singapore, you will have a mileage limit if you choose to lease a vehicle. After exceeding the maximum number of kilometres, you will need to settle additional fees.

B. You May Face Costly Fees For Recurring Yearly Leases.

If you choose to get a car leasing plan to address your travel needs for years, you may encounter hefty costs than when purchasing a vehicle. Renting a vehicle is not a practical option if you need the car for periods longer than at least a year.

C. You Cannot Customise The Vehicle.

A weekly or monthly car leasing may not be your best option if you are into vehicle customisation. Some rental companies allow their lessees to darken or lighten their window tint, but other personalisation schemes are impossible through vehicle rental programmes.

D. You Do Not Own The Car.

If you choose to get a Singapore car leasing plan, you cannot call the vehicle “yours” since you do not own it. A rental company is only lending it to you for a specific period, and you will need to return it after.


II.        A Guide To Getting A Car Leasing Plan

If you think you could benefit from a monthly or yearly car leasing programme, you may be planning to sign up for one soon. But before doing so, you should remember a few things to ensure a pleasant vehicle rental experience. Here are a few tips to help you find and choose the best car leasing plan:

A. Look For A Reliable Leasing Company

You cannot get a Singapore car leasing plan without a rental company. When searching for one, look for a firm with the necessary permits and certifications that prove their eligibility to provide leasing services.

B. Choose An Appropriate Lease Duration

You should choose an appropriate rental plan duration if you want to pay fewer fees. You could get a monthly car leasing programme if you only need the vehicle for a few weeks. Otherwise, opt for weekly or daily plans to save costs.

C. Understand The Terms And Conditions

Like getting any service, learn about the terms and conditions of a luxury or non-luxury car rental plan in Singapore before getting it. You should understand your responsibilities as a lessee and comprehend the legalities of the programme to avoid mishaps.

III.        Get A Car Leasing Plan Today!

A Singapore car leasing plan can be daunting, especially if you have no idea when, where, and how to start. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with these rental programmes, but you can always refer to guides like this to help you understand what you need to do to lease a vehicle. However, remember the pros and cons of renting a car to ensure that such leasing plans suit your needs.

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