Unless you are a single stay-at-home worker, there will be many instances where you might need to venture out of your house. Perhaps you go to work, travel to a friend or relative’s home, or simply take a breather. Individuals in Singapore choose to commute or travel by foot to the places they want to go. Unfortunately, this is not always convenient for travellers. For example, they might not be able to commute freely because of physical limitations and circumstances. The public transport system is not extensive enough to cover everyone’s needs. Because of these reasons, a traveller might be better off purchasing a car or finding a vehicle rental company.

Singapore has a developed transportation system, but cars and other vehicles are still abundant on the road. Cars are more convenient and comfortable alternatives to public transport. Other times, they may be the only viable option you have. Unfortunately, finding a car to use on the road is not as simple as one might think.

Singapore is a small city-state with shrinking free space and a growing population. A growing population means bigger transport needs, but increasing the number of cars on the road will only lead to congestion on the roads. Worsening traffic is a problem Singapore wants to curb so they enact measures to encourage people to commute or explore ridesharing options. As a result, car-related costs are pricy compared to other countries.

Car purchases are more expensive because of tax laws, certifications, and more. Owning a car might be out of reach to many Singaporeans, so exploring other car options such as car rentals might be more prudent. Even if you can buy a used car for sale in Singapore, perhaps you might want to consider renting a car instead.

Buying vs renting a car


Once in a while, everyone dreams of the freedom to drive around Singapore. Driving instead of taking a taxi, bus, or train feels more comfortable, right? You have two options when you want to leap to using personal vehicles.


You can choose to buy a car. Purchasing a car means you have full ownership of the vehicle you drive. You can easily find individuals and car companies selling cars. The best thing about purchasing cars is the freedom you have regarding your vehicle– you can make modifications to your car such as altering its colour or installing new windows without worrying about rental contracts. You have the choice to protect your cars with warranties and explore other car options perfect for your travel lifestyle. Whether you consider a new or 2nd hand car for sale in Singapore, you do not need to keep paying a rental fee after paying the car cost. The vehicle is yours until you decide what to do with it.

Most cars are not one-time purchases. Many car owners in Singapore pay off their purchases via down payment or instalments. Car ownership is more accessible to the average Singaporean if they look for payment schemes. Prospective car owners should search for car financing schemes that work for them.

Purchasing a car has downsides because car tax laws make vehicles more expensive. You might need to pay an Additional Registration Fee (ARF) unless you buy a used car. You also need to pay a fee to obtain or renew a Certificate of Entitlement (or CoE). Add to that the road taxes and other fees to pay off, and the costs will balloon.

Someone who buys vehicles will also have to find reliable drivers. For example, a business owner might benefit from purchasing a commercial van for sale in Singapore, but they will need qualified drivers for their business to run smoothly. Purchasing a bus or limousine might not be worth it if you cannot hire professional drivers.


You can explore car rental services if car ownership does not look appealing to you or is infeasible. With car rental services, you pay for the right to drive or use a vehicle. Car rental contracts can last as short as a single day or years. Rental lasts as long as you need it. The best thing about renting a car is that the price of renting one is significantly lower than purchasing a car. Even cars bought using an instalment plan have higher monthly payments than rental fees.

You can easily find rental car companies that offer driving services. A truck rental company in Singapore will almost always offer licensed truck drivers to transport your goods to their destination. You are more likely to find something that you need. Rental cars are perfect for frequent travellers, but they also benefit people who need quick and convenient rides for themselves or other people. For example, you can rent a corporate car to transport employees to conferences or rent a bus for a family of tourists staying in the country.

You can still find some downsides to renting cars. Rent a car long enough, and your total costs from the monthly payments might exceed the cost of purchasing a car. Renting a car means agreeing to a contract with restrictive terms and conditions–meaning you cannot alter the car any way you want. You might also have a limited variety of models, so if you are looking for a specific car model, you should consider purchasing a car instead. Lastly, watch out for car rental contracts that might take advantage of you. Read the fine print first.

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