You are driving around and you notice that you have the dreaded “Check Engine“ light. It might be something to do with the engine … or it could be the alternator. It could have gone bad. 

It is not a good idea at all to try to drive around with a bad alternator. Otherwise the rest of the electronics in the car, including your battery will lose power. You need to immediately see a car professional as soon as possible – you will likely have to be towed there since the battery won’t hold a charge even if you jump it. 

The question is: Can a car alternator be repaired? We’re here to help. Read on to learn more. 

A Remanufactured Alternator Might Be In The Cards

When you go to your auto professional or mechanic, they could repair If this is the case that it is a remanufactured alternator. Typically, you could expect to pay between $300-$500 depending on how much labor is needed. It depends on your situation and what your mechanic suggests. 

This is if there are repairable things with the alternator, like the belt, that can be replaced. Your mechanic will also inspect the bearings to make sure that there are no issues there and replace them if there are. They might be able to solder wires together too. 

You Might Be Better Off Getting a New Alternator

Once you add everything up, the new one might be close to what you would pay for the remanufactured one. It might make more sense overall to get the new one since it will be running like new and you could also benefit from the warranty if something happens not too long after you get it. 

Do Not Try To Do It Yourself

Of course, the only exception would be if you are an auto mechanic yourself and had the particular skill set and tools. Otherwise you risk doing damage to far more than the alternator … you could affect the engine. That would wind up costing you a lot more than you anticipated. 

Ultimately, you need to go to an auto repair professional before you put yourself possibly in danger – the last thing you want to have happen is for the car to die in the middle of a highway. Once you notice things like your power windows stop working, point your car toward the closest repair shop.