Electrical cars tend to be of higher initial investment than ordinary petrol cars. When you have an electrical car and not a hybrid car, you want to avoid running out of battery load before you are at a place where you can recharge.  You are therefore dependent on planning your charges. If you only drive back and forth to work or do shorter trips to the store, you should be fine if you charge it daily. For most people that is the majority of what they use the car for anyways. If you need to do something out of the ordinary, something where you have to drive very far and might worry charging problem, you can always rent a car for that instance.

You will need to remember that an electrical car is heavier than a normal car due the weight of the battery packs. This will cause increased wear of the brakes as well as the tyres. For car tyres, you will need to make sure that you buy tyres that are made for electrical cars, so that they can manage the extra weight and not wear out too fast. There are both winter and summer tyres for electrical cars, as well as all-weather tyres. You will need to make sure that the tyres that you select are recommended for use on these electrical vehicles or hybrids.

When you drive with your electrical car you can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride, so here it as well important to select tyres that have a low rolling noise, so the noise will not disturb you. A low rolling resistance also means that you will get further with each charge, it also means that the wear will be lower. The lower wear means that the tyres will last longer and you will have less waste of used tyres, which is good for the environment. For hybrids the low rolling resistance also means a lower emission of greenhouse gases.

From safety point of view, you should also check that they are good on both wet and dry surfaces if they are summer tyres and on ice and snow for winter tyres. They should have a short braking distance on the surfaces they are to be used on, this is important as it can keep you out of accidents. All these are highlighted on the EU tyre label that all tyres have. This makes it easy to make a wise tyre choice and not be totally lost in the numerous tyre choices.

If you have invested the extra money in an environmental vehicle, it is good to also make sure that the tyres that you buy will be made as environmentally as possible. Choose a manufacturer that only uses purified low aromatic oils to ensure that they are produced with low impact on the environment. Then it is all about driving carefully and hope that you will get as much distance out of your vehicle as possible before you will need to change the battery packs on the car.

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