Many people complain of faulty batteries during the winter or peak summer season. I tell them that it is your driving habits and lack of proper maintenance that decreased the battery’s durability and performance. Most of them just complain of the battery’s poor quality and angrily drive to the service centre.

If you are one of those guys who has recently experienced a faulty battery, then keep reading this article. 9 times out of 10, the fault is yours. Therefore, instead of taking out your anger on the workshop people, pay close attention to what I am about to discuss here. It will help you prolong your battery’s life and performance. Here are a few things battery experts at Pitstoparabia tell about battery care.

Ensure that the Battery is Properly Fastened

When you install a new battery, make sure that it is fastened properly. Also, make it a habit to check if the battery is properly fastened or not after a month or two. The reason is that when a battery is not in its place, it will vibrate. A vibrating battery is prone to internal damage and if it is not a sealed battery, fluid can leak. These fumes are toxic and can cause fires as well. Therefore, keep an eye on those battery terminals.

Limiting Short Rides

 If you plan on taking the car to the local store which is hardly a 2 minute drive, then I suggest that you do not! Why? There are various reasons. First, walking is important for your health. A 5-7 minute walk to the local store will work wonders for your health. Also, short rides prevent the battery from charging adequately, thereby negatively impacting its durability. Hence, limit the car to distances which are unwalkable.

Take it Easy on the Electronics

When the vehicle is in an idle position, turn off the radio, air conditioner, and even the phone charger. These electrical devices put a lot of strain on the battery. Therefore, make sure to limit the devices running on the battery. Frequent and long periods of idling is also damaging for the battery.

Check the Corrosion

The battery terminals are prone to corrosion. Therefore, prevent the corrosion as it is harmful for the battery. It prevents the battery from charging properly or supplying enough power to the vehicle. One way to prevent corrosion is to clean the terminals. You can do it home with a toothbrush along with a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Just dip the toothbrush in this mixture and rub on the terminals. Make sure that the vehicle is completely turned off before undertaking this procedure.

Keep an Eye on the Lights

Unnecessarily using the lights or leaving them turned on while exiting the vehicle is a sure and quick way of draining the battery. If done frequently, you will need to replace the battery a lot sooner than you would otherwise. In simple words, limit the lights to night time and make sure that all the lights are properly turned off while exiting the vehicle.