There are different types of mower in the market such as gas, electric, and mains powered Lawn Mower. To ensure that your lawnmower serves many years of service, you should service it regularly. This article shares a list of effective lawnmower maintenance tips to keep the machine in the best working condition.

Sharpen the Blades

Blunt blades can damage the plant and leave them weak and prone to disease. For the efficient running of the mower, you need to keep its blades sharp. It will help the efficient cleaning of grass and encouraging it to grow stronger. It is advised to sharpen the blades two times a year. is the best place to find repair and maintenance manuals for all types of automobiles such as Excavator Service, Garden Tractor, Hydraulic Excavator, Motor Grader Service, Forklift Manual, Backhoe Loader, Compact Excavator, Dozer Manual etc. 

Replace the Spark Plug

Spark plugs are an essential component of the lawnmower. They can wear out with use. For optimum functioning of the lawnmower, it is important to replace them every year.  So, include this task in the yearly maintenance of the lawnmower.

Check the Oil

Before the spring/mowing season begins, it is important to ensure that the machine has good quality oil in the engine. A lawnmower user should examine the level of oil using a dipstick. Maintain its level on a regular level. Refill it with the best quality oil but do not overfill it.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter can get clogged due to accumulation of dirt and debris. Replace it once a year if it gets dirty. It will ensure the optimal performance of the equipment.

Clean the Engine 

Keeping the engine clean prevents it from getting overheated and damaged. Use a long-bristle brush or stick to effectively clean debris and dirt that gets deposited between the cooling fins of the engine after every time you use it. 

Clean the Undercarriage

It has been seen that after using the lawnmower, the grass gets deposited in the undercarriage that blocks the discharge system of the machine. Thus, it is beneficial to clean the undercarriage at regular intervals. With the help of a wire brush scrape the grass clippings and dirt from the undercarriage. With the help of a spray, remove the debris that has got stuck in it.

Check the Tires

For efficient operation, you need to ensure that its tires are properly inflated. It will ensure the smooth execution of the equipment. 

Remove the Battery

People who use a battery-powered mower should not leave the battery inside the equipment throughout the winter season. You should remove it and charge it over the winter. It will keep it in an optimum state. If you do not charge the battery when not using it, then chances are that it may fail to perform the next year.


Take care of your lawn mower and it will give you the best services for a long time. One of the best ways to keep the lawnmower in the best running condition is to build a regular schedule for its maintenance. Depending on the type of mower you have, you may need to perform it several times a year.