Our cars go through all sorts of trials and tribulations on a daily basis as we make our way to work or complete some errands. The usual car door paint scrape at the local Coles is nothing to really worry about. But what happens if your windscreen gets a little crack in it when you’re out on the roads? Should you drive if your windscreen’s been cracked?

We’ll be taking you through exactly what you can and cannot do if you find yourself in the position where you have cracked your windscreen. 

Where is the crack? 

One of the first things to consider when weighing up whether you should drive the car or not is to analyse where the crack is in the windscreen. There’s a number of different types of cracks that you may have encountered with everything from a large stress crack to a small little chip being possible. Obviously, if it’s smashed completely, then you’ll be needing a full windscreen replacement.

If there’s a large crack in your windscreen directly in front of where you look out the glass when you’re driving then it’s definitely not safe to drive. However, if it’s a little chip on the passenger side of the windscreen, you may deem it safe to drive to the garage to get the problem fixed.

Let’s have a look at what the National Road Transport Commission’s Roadworthiness Guidelines say about a cracked windscreen.

National Road Transport Commission’s Roadworthiness Guidelines 

In Western Australia, the law is strict on the guidelines which state that it’s illegal to drive any type of vehicle where the crack in the windscreen is negatively affecting the vision of the driver. A simple test of sitting in your driver’s seat and looking out where you normally would can quickly tell you whether or not the crack is directly in your field of vision. 

Staying safe on the way to get it fixed

If you’ve decided that the crack in your windscreen isn’t getting in the way of your ability to drive safely, then you can make your way to the garage. Once you’ve booked in your windscreen repair or replacement with a professional, always be wary that the crack does have the potential to become a much larger problem on your way there. 

For example, going over a speedbump at a higher speed could spread the crack even further. Always drive safely and carefully when there’s a crack in your windscreen. 

Reach out to a professional glass replacement company

At the end of the day, the crack in your windscreen won’t go away on its own. Even if it’s a small little chip, it will only get worse and potentially become dangerous over time. The best way to combat the problem is to get in contact with an auto glass company that does windscreen replacement in Midland or wherever you may be in Perth. 

Going through a professional service will give you the peace of mind that your issue is being fully resolved. In some instances your windscreen might have a little chip that can simply be repaired, so you won’t have to worry about going through the ordeal of replacing the entire windscreen.