Luxury automakers are now more into embracing the environment friendly mode. They are investing more of their thoughts and efforts on making the electric cars even more power and useful, to compete the efficiency of the gasoline cars.

In this regard, Genesis, the luxury brand of Genesis has taken things at a faster pace, since its launch date back in the year 2015. The current year lineup of Genesis is witnessing the release of two EV models that are here to represent the very different ways towards electrifying the existing vehicles it has in its lineup. The year 2023 encouraged Genesis to Electrify its existing luxury sedan model G80 which run on premium gasoline.

As described by the team members of the sales department of the Radnor Genesis dealer, the 2023 Genesis G80 has made a benchmark in the segment of EVs while keeping all its luxury appointments intact. And all this explains why it is scoring so high in the sales chart.

The Current Scenario

The 2023 model year edition of the electrified version of the Genesis G80 model now replaces the earlier standard powertrain of the Genesis G80 models that made use of both four-cylinder and six-cylinder capacitive engines along with a pair of efficient electric motors.

If we talk about what came new for the year 2023, the Electrified G80 is most likely to secure its place somewhere between the BMW i4 and the Tesla Model 3.

Again, few buyers might find the 2023 Genesis electrified G80 to be a cheaper option and yet a better one than that of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, Tesla Model S, or the Lucid Air. For those who have more focus on the in-car luxuries and comfort rather than the sporty attributes can find the Audi e-Tron GT or the Porsche Taycan to be a better EV option. However, to put it in short, unlike many other EVs, the 2023 model year version of Genesis Electrified G80 can offer every luxury and comfort feature as well as performance ones, one can think of, as standard equipment.

Other Enhancements

The new All-Electrified version of the 2023 Genesis G80 can boast of its exemplary power configurations. Based on a dual electric motor, the 2023 Genesis electrified G80 models can settle down easily for 365 horses. Thanks to the 87.2-kWh battery pack it has installed under the hood that is capable of crossing up to 282 miles of distance range per single full charge. Carrying almost identically similar traits and luxury features as its gas-engine model, the 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 models can dish out an equally delicious looking interior, while throwing its rivals a competitive luxury package and an impressive all-electric drive-range.

If we explore 2023 Genesis electrified G80 sedan model, we will automatically come to know the reasons behind its increasing sales and how it is competing even with the regular gasoline vehicle with its splendid on-road performance. To sum up, it is the efficiency of the newly launched electrified model of the luxury sedan Genesis G80 that is compelling the car buyers to opt for the greener option, for all the good reasons, explained the sales team leader of the most famous Radnor Genesis dealership.