If you have a luxury sedan, you know regular maintenance keeps it in pristine condition. It may seem that as long as you get your oil changed, your car is good to go. However, there are other necessary repairs required on a consistent schedule, too. Here are three crucial things you can do to keep your ride in top shape.

Service the Automatic Transmission

Your car’s transmission works hard to keep up with the demands of driving. City driving causes a lot of wear on your gearbox because every time you start and stop it is shifting the gears. A BMW repair & maintenance Virginia Beach VA shop can inspect your car at 50,000 miles. At this distance, it’s necessary to drain and replace the transmission fluid, and put in a new filter.

Maintain the Engine

The motor of your car has many individual components that wear out over time. Any one thing can cause a problem, so inspection is key. At 60,000 miles, it’s time to replace the spark plugs and have all belts, hoses, gaskets and valves inspected for wear or leakage. At 100,000 miles, your sedan is considered a high-milage vehicle, so add new spark plugs, coolant and oil specific for older cars.

Check the Emissions System

Exhaust from your car runs through the engine system to ensure only a small amount of pollution gets released. This emissions system requires maintenance to work properly, so at 100,000 miles, have the exhaust system cleaned. Every 25,000 miles after that, have the oxygen and catalytic converters inspected and filters replaced.

With proper care, your luxury sedan is able to stay on the road for long distances. Create a consistent maintenance schedule inspecting the transmission, engine and emissions systems, and replacing fluids and warn parts to keep your vehicle in great condition.