Born and bred out of Miami, Florida, Vossen wheels are still being handcrafted out of our manufacturing center here at the Vossen Forged Factory. At the Vossen Forged Factory they use ten brand new, top-of-the-line CNC machines in order to manufacture their wheels. In this factory, they use vertical lathes and gravity in order to get their superior concentricity while still getting incredibly smooth finishes. At their Forged Factory, Vossen also has a hand prep department that is responsible for preparing all of the wheels for their beautifully finished surfaces. These wheels are either brushed or polished and then they undergo more hand preparation in order to get their artisanal look that sets Vossen wheels apart from the rest of the crowd.

Vossen Finishing Department

Because Vossen wheels come with a wide variety of finishing options, they have an entire finishing department that helps take care of all of the options available. Vossen releases wheels made of ceramic polish, hand-brushing, and even powder coating. With everything being taken care of in-house, in Miami, Vossen is able to guarantee the exceptional quality and precision  of all of their wheels.

Next-level Designs

The Vossen design process begins by looking at the requested end results. The in-house design team looks at the products on the market and the requests of their customers in order to come up with new directions and designs in order to stay ahead of the curve. Vossen’s design team looks for blank places in the market and tries to fill them in using 3D modelling systems.

Vehicle Optimized Aesthetics

Because every Custom Car Wheels las vegas nv make and model variation has a specific parameter and clearance needed to fit their own aesthetic, Vossen uses extensive measuring processes in order to make sure that their wheels are perfectly tailored and engineered to meet the requirements of your ride.

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