Manufacturers invest a huge amount of money into selling the latest, trendiest cars, pickups, and SUVs. However, many people would be well served by a great pre-owned car that will cost less to buy and drive, boast valuable features, and last for many years. You can often find a car or compact SUV a few years old that also boasts some modern safety features like brake assist and lane-keeping assist. 

Cost Advantages

A new vehicle loses value as soon as someone drives it home. While this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage for a new car owner, it is a plus to the average used car buyer. A two-year-old car with most of the same features as the latest year might cost 20% less. If you finance that vehicle you will realize even more savings because you are borrowing less money. 

Advanced Features

Wireless connectivity and anti-lock brakes were high-end features that you would rarely find on premium used cars metro Detroit MI a few years ago. Access to the latest and best safety features is only a minor issue with today’s used cars. For example, you might find a car made two years ago that boasts a rearview camera, wi-fi access, lane-keeping assistance, traction control, and blind-spot warning. 

Reliable Transportation

New cars come with warranties that offer great protection, but warranties expire. The good news is that warranties also transfer to the new owner. If you purchase a car that is three years old and came with a five-year warranty, then you still have that protection. Several firms offer used-car warranties at a reasonable price as well. 

Many used cars that are only a few years old offer similar features to brand-new models at a lower cost. You can buy one of these vehicles and still get the most important safety and convenience features, in most cases. Many used cars still have some of their factory warranties.