When you own a boat, stuff breaks. While this isn’t bad if it happens while docked or on a trailer, it can leave you stranded if your boat breaks when you are out on the water. Therefore, you should never leave the land without a few essential replacement parts. Here is everything you should take with you to avoid being stuck out on the water.


As you know, if you have a house or car, fuses can blow easily, which leaves the electric circuits they control useless. While this could happen to something minor, like your stereo, there is a chance it could be a major fuse, like the one that controls your outboard motor. That means you should always carry spares on your craft, even if you only have the ones necessary for your main engine.

Spark Plugs

If you’re spark plug breaks, fouls, or cracks on the water, your motor will stop dead. Therefore, you should always be sure that spark plugs are one of the replacement marine parts onboard your vessel.


Another essential thing to have is a few rubber hoses in varying lengths. These can serve as makeshift hydraulic or fuel lines and tie things down if you run into extreme weather.

Hose Clamps

Like hoses, hose clamps can be used to temporarily rig your ship so you can get back to shore for repairs. These are perfect for holding those makeshift hydraulic, water, or fuel lines in place.


A dead battery will leave you out on the water. To combat, you should follow your state marine board recommendations and carry a spare with you. Just remember to check the charge on your spare regularly, so you don’t end up with dead spares.

It’s good to be prepared for anything when you go boating. That’s why you should invest in these parts and keep them on your ship at all times.