Aussies are undoubtedly adventurous people who love to indulge in the wilderness of nature every time they get a holiday. So, just like surfing, caravanning has become one of the core spirits of the citizens of this country.

The current statistical calculation says that in the last 10 years, at least 50% hike in the sales of small off road caravans has been witnessed. This stat result, of course, suggests how popular off road caravanning has become.

So, if you are already driven by the facts, the next thing you should be doing is, to begin with, your research about the off-road caravans. Get to know the extensive advantages of caravanning off-road in your perfect caravan.

  • Freedom of Camping Experience

Driving through a vast, empty and open road with no worries working back of the mind regarding where you will spend the night after the dusk falls – this is the best kind of feeling for travellers.

And that also is the beauty of off-road travelling too. Especially, for solo adventurers, choosing from the latest models of small off road caravans is undoubtedly the best thing that can happen.

  • Comes with a Cheap Price Tag

And, it goes for both the caravans and the total trip cost! Firstly, the small caravans come at a much lower price compared to its suitable alternatives like motorhomes or camper trailers.

Secondly, the maintenance cost for small off road caravans is also quite less. Lastly, the best part of going off-road is you don’t have to pay for the parking. You can keep your caravan any place you like. Being small certainly comes with the added advantage to get fitted almost anywhere.

So, that’s how you will be able to some considerable amount of money with your trip.

  • Adequate Ground Clearance and Better Towing Capacity

While travelling on the uneven terrain, the next thing you will need is, of course, an adequate amount of ground clearance. Otherwise, the lower parts of the vehicle or caravan can be scratched and damaged.

The small off road caravans offer an excellent ground clearance. And, also, as because the caravans are light in weight, you can get it towed quite easily. These two facilities of small caravans certainly make it an apt choice.

  • Ample Space Inside

Well, the common perception may lead you in believing that the small caravans do not come with enough space inside the van, which can turn out to be a problem for long trips. However, this perception is wrong.

The small off road caravans are manufactured and designed keeping the needs of both short and long off road trips in mind. So, you will feel the equal amount of comfort inside the vehicle that you could get inside the large vans.

Final Words

The verdict is quite clear. If you were planning to invest in the off-road caravan ditching the big ones, this is undoubtedly a wise decision. You will save money and yet enjoy your trips in the outskirts of Australia to the fullest.