The Palo Alto-based company is improving with time and is moving towards pure solar technology with electric walls and sunroofs. In addition, the company is taking the leading place in electric cars, batteries, renewable energy technologies. Moreover, their research units are independent and good enough to bring a new revolution each year. This somehow creates a clean energy ecosystem, which Musk wanted as the basis for the development of green energy technology that is practically easy to get to for all of us. 

There are many other innovating approaches that are lead by the company like it was the first company to only sell cars online from their stores. As a result, now other big companies like Ford are jumping on the path of innovation and cutting total costs. Yes, it’s awful for dealers, but the company may have something in Tesla’s (TSLA stock) profitable first quarter last year. They still have a few galleries and a few showrooms to serve as information centres. After almost two years of ownership, the life cycle of the entire environmental impact from electric vehicle products to road operation is actually depressing. 

Elon wants to reduce the preliminary impact of manufacturing electric vehicles on the pollution level. In order to accomplish this, the decisive goal is to run gigabytes with 100% renewable energy. Many investors are interested in the upcoming Hyperloop project of the company. The supersonic air explosion capsules in the low pressure tube have been developed by a team of engineers as a musk and very efficient transport system. The goal of this arrangement is to make travel between cities quicker with less price. The cost of building a musk hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco is expected to cost billions of dollars. 

Tesla finally confirmed that they intend to build a Model 3 on gigabytes. The model will be one of the factory’s three supplementary divisions. The company is in preparation to make a battery cell factory which is large enough to fulfill the need with green energy. The carmaker company has also revealed that it intends to build vehicles with upgraded technology in the future in addition to the Model Y and Model 3. However, Tesla did not reveal details of the future vehicle but is expected to build in the upcoming five years. They expect production to reach 500,000 vehicles a year. A few days ago, it was reported that Tesla was considering manufacturing “vehicles of the future” at its Gigafactory 4 plant. 

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