Finding a reputable, efficient auto repair shop can be challenging. A good shop will have a competitive price, excellent customer service and high-quality work. Whether you need a new transmission or suspension work Lakewood CO, consider the following tips for finding a great auto repair shop.


Auto repairs and accidents cannot typically be planned. Therefore, don’t wait until you need a mechanic to start searching for one. Your stress level and time constraints may affect your ability to find a great mechanic. In addition, you want to build a relationship with the mechanic by having the shop do your car maintenance.

Get Referrals

Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle has had experience with a mechanic or shop, whether that experience involved major repairs or maintenance. Therefore, your friends, family and coworkers are great resources for referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations, even if you are new to an area. If you ask several people, you will find the shops that do the best work.

Don’t just ask for referrals. Ask for details. Find out what each person had done to their vehicles, and ask about how they were treated before, during and after the repair. Was the work guaranteed? You may discuss prices if you are in a close relationship with the person, but acquaintances may not discuss financial matters.

Do Some Research

You should check to ensure the shop and its mechanics are ASE certified. You may also contact the Better Business Bureau for their rating and outstanding complaints.

Visit the Shop

Is the office and shop seem organized and clean? Search for trade school diplomas and certifications. Does the shop have AAA-Approved Auto Repair Status or any customer service awards? Try to observe the shop’s interaction with its customers, especially those who are unhappy.

Speak with the shop representative about your vehicle and needs. Ask about the services they provide, including temporary transportation while your vehicle is in the shop. Finally, learn whether your vehicle’s warranty will be honored.

Don’t wait until an emergency occurs before finding a great mechanic.